Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of the Good Ones

I would have never imagined how hard it is to parent some boys. My son is smart, antsy, and a challenge. There are days I am not sure we will make it next week, let alone adulthood. However, tonight was one of those nights that gives me hope. He was awarded his Weblo's Badge  and remarkably, I had little to do with it. Not only did he read his book and complete the requirements, he wanted to do it and do it well. It just tickles me to see him put on his uniform with such pride. He has to tuck in his shirt and put on his belt with all of the "beltloops" he has earned and tie his neckerchief just so. He loves cub scouts ( now that I am not the den leader ;-) and wants to do his best. Am I seeing a maturing young man? 

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