Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

What a week!!! I am so glad it is over. I have had a horrible flare up with the fibromyalgia and an ER visit for chest pain. Just the low potassium again I guess. I am finally starting to feel a little better. 

 Colleen's favorite chicken took ill the end of last week and we have been nursing her trying against the odds to help her make it and we came home today and she had scratched her neck wide open. Thankfully Daddy was here and could take care of Stella and put her out of her misery. What would we do without daddies? We will miss you Stella. Colleen has lost 2 fish and a chicken in 4 days. I am not sure how much more she can take. I am not sure how much more I can take.

The City Swim Meet is tomorrow. If the kids do well, we will have to go back on Sunday. Although I do not relish the thought of 2 days at a swim meet, it would be nice to have some happy around here.

On the happy side, we were able to cancel Colleen's appointment for tests at UT this week because her stomach is feeling much better. Thank you Lord! 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Thing I love About Homeschooling

The other day I was reading SmallWorld and was challenged with the question of whether I felt like I was doing a good job homeschooling. Although some days are hard, the payoffs are huge in my opinion and yes we are doing a good job. I love that my son who is 10 still likes to make beleive and is not embarassed to get in a Spiderman car designed for 5 year olds when it looks like fun. He has been allowed the opportunity to still be a kid. 

It seems to me that being a child seems to get ripped from you the moment you get on the yellow bus these days.

The other night at the dinner table we somehow got on the discussion of what the Pink Floyd video of "The Wall" meant. Don't ask me how they got to see parts of it (Daddy!). They did not know what the kids wearing masks on a conveyor belt  falling into a meat grinder all coming out like perfect, equal sized hamburgers meant. When we started saying the words to the song, "We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control", it struck me that maybe Pink Floyd was on to something. I have always thought it was just about being a rebellious teenager, but now it seems to have a whole new meaning for me. We homeschool so our children will not end up being "just another brick in the wall".  We want them to grow in the gifts and talents that the Lord has given them. They get to spend time learning about the things they love  and learn about history the way it actually was and not a textbook author's interpretation. (The Pilgrims first gave thanks to God...not the indians! )They are able to learn about science by experiencing the world around them. They have time to create and play and imagine. And if the latest videos you have watched are "The Lone Ranger", then it is Hi Ho Silver...Away! Thank you Lord for giving me the ability to give the gift of childhood to my children.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Suburban Gardening

I received one of the best compliments I have ever had about a week ago. My neighbor who is about 85 and had farmed all his life came over to take a look at my little garden and chickens. He said, "I have never seen such a good small garden. I would have never believed that you could get so much into such a small space." Wow! All his years of farming and he had not seen a small garden like this. It is nothing spectacular and the weeds and bugs often win, but there is something so wonderful in eating the food you have grown. Thank goodness we don't need to live off of my garden because it wouldn't cut it, but I do enjoy it.