Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

A friend of mine (or so I thought ;) called me and said she heard that I may be wanting a couple additional hens to replace our dear departed Stella. She had a friend who had recently acquired some little bantes for her daughter to play with and had to get rid of some wonderful Plymouth Rock hens that laid giant eggs everyday. Perfect!

When we went to get them I noticed that one was losing some feathers. Maybe its time for her to molt I thought. But something told me I better not take them. On the way home I decided to be on the safe side I should not put them in with my healthy hens. So my dear husband made me a temporary pen and we have been watching them for 5 days now. Clearly they are older hens, one of them has diarrhea of unknown etiology and the other one lays an egg every day or so and usually they smash it and eat it.

I wonder why I can't use some common sense and go with my intuition? It sure would save me a lot of time and energy. Come to think of it, maybe I now know where my son gets his "acting without thinking" behavior.

I guess we will watch them for another week and if they don't look any better, we will let Daddy take care of our problem. He really deserves better.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Here!

It was one of the most exciting things I had ever experienced. After almost 5 months of waiting and nurturing baby chicks, the first egg arrived last Friday. Since then we have had 3 more!

To add to the excitement, we won the "Race to Egg" competition with my friend Sherry. We had both been wanting chickens for a couple years  and both had our coops early this year. She called me around the last week in February to tell me that she had won because she was driving back from the Greenback co-op with her baby chicks. I said, "But Sherry, the competition was the first egg and not the first chick". So the race was on.

The following week we had our first 2 chicks and two weeks after that we had another two. We chose a variety of chicks for fun which was to our advantage. A couple of the chicks that we picked were bred for early and consistent egg production. Sherry's downfall was her selection of the beautiful, heirloom Buff Orphingtons. Our Josephina, a Golden Comet who is 3 weeks younger than the Buff Orps won the crown for us.

So you may ask, "What does one with so prestigious a title win?" Nothing less than a fine supper prepared by Sherry. Which by the way, she has won the cooking contests in the past. Victory can be so sweet!