Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Garden Transformation Begins

My garden and yard is about to have a major rennovation. For the past several years, we have been considering moving so we have not done anything to improve our garden like I would have liked. Also, for several years now I have not felt well because of fibromyalgia, but since my hysterectomy last fall, I feel remarkably better. Not that it has cured all my ailments, but it has given me more energy.

The other thing that has got me moving forward with my plan is my eleven year old daughter. She wants all of these things too and is willing to help. At least she says so now. We will see come the middle of summer and the garden needs weeded.

Below are pictures of my vegetable garden last summer. It was O.K., but the plans in my head are so much more. I have plans for all kinds of fruit trees, nut trees, and berry bushes. I love the idea of self-sustainability. I would love to produce as much of our food as I can. We'll see what happens.

Later this week I will post some "before" pictures of the muddy mess that is out there right now and I will keep you posted as it progresses.

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