Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden transformation- Day Twenty-One

I am so frustrated with blogging because it takes forever for me to figure out how to post pictures. My dear friend at SmallWorld said she would help me, so here is the update until I get a lesson:

The raised bed gardens are up and going. We had a major problem in the beginning because I decided to set the bunnies free. We have 2 bunnies, a mother and her daughter, who have been living in a pitiful hutch that rarely got cleaned for 2 + years. I decided that their lives would be better if we let them out to nibble on the fresh green grass, even if they only lived two more days until the hawks got them.

Well, now we have a fence and a farm dog and the chance of them getting eaten by hawks (like their predecessors) is slim. So.... they have plenty of time to eat the cabbage and broccoli plants in my new raised bed gardens. What a headache! The chickens also enjoyed scratching up the beet and lettuce seed and the dog thought that it was a good "jump" and a place to mark his territory.

We have come up with some temporary fixes, but it looks like a fence inside the fence is in the near future. Pictures will follow.

Tomorrow is planting day for our churches' garden co-op. I am so excited that the Lord is using a passion that I have to minister to others. We are planting a garden for the members of our church to share, with leftovers to share with the poor. Some of it has already been planted. On Monday, several women planted, tomatoes, peppers, and squash. Tomorrow it is beans, corn, and okra. More on that later.

Tomorrow also is the day to build and plant my dad's raised bed garden. While I was planting our raised bed garden a few weeks ago, I decided that I would love to give my dad a garden for his birthday. So that is what we are going to do. Today my dad turned 69 an tomorrow my husband is going to build it while I am planting the church garden. When I am done there, I am coming to plant my dad's garden.

I love spring. I love watching things grow. I love most of all the harvest of the Lord's provision.

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  1. You must come over sometime with your laptop and I'll show you!!