Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden Transformation- Day Fifty-Four

Today was the day to work on our church's community garden. We felt like it was important to include the children in this project so that they could spend time in service to others and boy did they work today. There was an enormous amount of weeding to be done and they stepped up to the challenge.

We also got to harvest some onions, lettuce, beet greens, and basil. What a great feeling to reap the rewards of your labor. It was fun dividing it up and taking it to some of the members of our church.

The home garden is not looking as wonderful, though. Glen put up a fence for Mother's Day to keep the chickens, bunnies, and dog out, but not before they dug up my seed. So, here it is:

The corn:
The squash, beans, and cucumbers:

The tomatoes:
Pitiful, I know. However, I hopes for a brighter future. In the mean time, the spring garden is doing great. This week we had Swiss Chard, radishes, onions, and kolrhabi. I have never tasted kolrhabi before, but it was quite good. The leaves taste like a very mild kale and the bulb tastes like broccoli. Surprisingly yummy.

This week we will be eating spinach, salad, and more kolrhabi. It is so fun to pick your food from your own backyard!

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