Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Hike

Today, I was given the choice of activities by my lovely family and I chose something that we all love... hiking. We wanted to try a new place, but wasn't quite sure. My friend Sharon suggested at church this morning that we try the Schoolhouse Gap trail. Then, I remembered a blog written by my friend Randy at 900 Miles about his recent hike there. That was it.

It was a nice hike that started off along a creek and then headed up. Once again, my family was wondering what my problem was trying to get up the hill. But, it was fairly short and the rest of the incline was not so steep.

This a great hike for wildflowers. We saw Solomon's Seal, Foam Flower, Dwarf Irises, and numerous Trilliums and daisies. The best of all was the Pink Lady Slipper. Colleen was so excited! As we were climbing the hill she said that she had never seen a Yellow Lady Slipper or Pink Lady Slipper in bloom and when we got to the top of the hill... viola! She was so excited and talked about it the rest of the way.
We also found interesting creatures on our hike. Glen found a lizard that Colleen caught and I had an Inchworm land on my back. That would not seem so exciting, but we have just been learning about caterpillars and, in particular, we read about why Inchworms crawl like they do. It was fascinating to hold one and watch its little feet propel its long body.
Well, we had a delightful day and I am now waiting for the Mother's Day feast of steak and oven-roasted potatoes to commence.

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