Monday, September 24, 2012

Stepping Out is Scary

So this is my passion and I have a passion to share it with others. WIll they laugh?

In honor of National Homestead month, I would like to open my 
unimpressive 1/2 acre in a subdivision for 1 -1/2 hours on Thursday 
from 1-2:30 for those who are interested in learning how to grow food 
almost year round in a small space. I am by no means an expert, but 
growing organic foods is my passion and I have had many people ask me 
about how to do it. I will be glad to share what I have learned and 
what I have done for almost 20 years. Sometimes it is beautiful, 
sometimes it is not, but it is usually functional. Now is the time to 
prepare for spring planting or why not try a fall crop? I am getting 
ready to plant my second round of fall veges and I will probably plant 
another in October. It is not hard, but takes work and "know-how" 
which has become a lost art in our fast food society. This is not a 
homeschool field trip, but an inspirational tour for novice gardeners 
or homesteaders who want to try their hand at growing or producing 
some or most of their family's food. Please make other arrangements 
for younger or uninterested children.

I am confident there are more knowledgeable and experienced 
homesteaders or gardeners out there? Anyone want to share? We can 
learn from one another and resurrect the "Victory Gardens" of the 
past. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to rely upon 
industrialized food but could produce it ourselves or buy it locally?

Please email me at dualbabies if you would like to 

Tina Riley